Caroline Le Vine

Counselling near Frome, Westbury & Warminster

New to Counselling?

People seek help from a counsellor/psychotherapist for many reasons including:

• Relationship difficulties (with family members, friends, colleagues)
• Life changes (e.g. new baby, relationship breakdown, job loss, child leaving home, retirement)
• Bereavement
• Depression
• Addictions (your own or someone else’s)
• Childhood abuse
• Adult trauma
• Anxiety
• Recurrent, uncomfortable patterns of behaviour
• General feelings of dissatisfaction, confusion or “what’s it all about?”
• Feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem or directionlessness
• Sexuality concerns
• Physical illness/caring for a loved one who is chronically sick or dying

Maybe some of these affect you or it could be something else that you’re struggling with.

I believe that, if there is an area of your life which creates discomfort for you, talking your feelings through and exploring how you got to this point can be enormously beneficial. It can help you to live more comfortably in the present, enable you to come to terms with the past, allow you to arrive at the solution to a problem or simply discover strengths which will help you cope with life’s ups and downs.

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